Action oriented decision support


afb4_ActionOrientedDecisionSupportAccurate and efficient communication among all the parties is an important component of providing efficient and effective medical care to patients who have complex needs. John S Lyons, Professor of Psychiatry and Community Health, developped “communimetrics”. This is an assessment method evaluated on the basis of clinimetric measurement. Whereas psychometric measurement was designed for research purposes, clinimetric approaches were designed to be congruent with the clinical process. Communimetric tools are specifically designed to communicate the clinical process among clinicians of different clinical backgrounds and allow the use of technology to support improved care.

Computerized medicine offers many opportunities for speeding up the communication of data and thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of medical care. The use of communimetric tools within this information environment represents an important opportunity to bridge the quality chasm. Communimetric measurement supports decision making and the subsequent actions through a standardized method of scoring of the variables:
0 no vulnerability nor need to act
1 mild vulnerability and need for monitoring/prevention
2 moderate vulnerability and need for treatment or inclusion in treatmentplan
3 severe vulnerability and need for immediate action or intensive treatment

See for additional information John S Lyons: The Complexity of Communication in an Environment with Multiple Disciplines and Professionals: Communimetrics and Decision Support Care in Frits J Huyse and Friedrich C Stiefel Integrated care for the complex medically ill. Medical Clinics of North America Issue July 2006 Elsevier