Intergrated care options


afb3_IntegratedCareOptionsAlthough the basic requirements for integrated care are missing in most health care systems, dedicated clinicians and institutions have experimented with models of integrated care. The below mentioned article describes the range of options for integrating medicine and psychiatry, with a focus on the advantages and limitations of each model. The models were developed in different countries with specific health care cultures. This article illustrates the range of inpatient and outpatient options as currently practiced, with case reports from practitioners when possible, and describes qualifications for practicing each model, the settings, the patient populations, the relevant financial issues, and the advantages and disadvantages of practicing each model. It closes with comments on the next steps for advancing integrated care and the barriers to be overcome.

 Lawson R Wulsin, Wolfgang Soellner, and Harold Alan Pincus: Models for Integrated Care in Frits J Huyse and Friedrich C Stiefel Integrated care for the complex medically ill. Medical Clinics of North America Issue July 2006 Elsevier