Quotes @ INTERMED conference 2017

‘In RESEARCH, flexible use of IMCAG or IMSA or single items or combination to other scales is easy’

‘For CLINICAL use, be open as a provider to look at an new way of assessing medical complexity, it benefits multidisciplinary work’

‘USE it in case management in primary care and in outpatient clinics’

‘In RESEARCH and CLINICAL use the instrument is able to turn and integrated view into a holistic approach’


English version 

English IMSA for the elderly

Corine Latour
Annette Boenink
Dutch version Corine Latour
Annette Boenink
French version Fredrich Stiefel
German IMSA Beate Wild
Wolfgang Söllner
Spanish version Elena Lobo
Italian IMSA Silvia Ferrari
Norwegian version Aasta Heldal
Japanese version Yasuhiro Kishi
US Casemanagement version Roger Kathol

The INTERMED methode can be performed by clinicians (IMCAG) or patient (IM-SA). The IM-SA is translated in 8 languages and developed for specific groups of caretakers.
Description and manual of th IMCAG and IM-SA are available online.

INTERMED Complexity Assessment Grid EN

Manual-for-interpreting-the-INTERMED-Self-Assessment EN-NL