The INTERMED method can be performed by clinicians (IM-CAG) or patient (IM-SA). The IM-SA is translated in 9 languages and developed for specific groups of caretakers.
Description and manual of the IM-CAG and IM-SA are available online.
In the table below you can find the IM-SA in different languages (free for use).
Please do provide a reference.
INTERMED Complexity Assessment Grid (English)
Manual for interpreting the INTERMED IM-SA (English and Dutch)

Canadian IM-CAG
for Pedriatic Assesment Inflammatory Bowel Disease (pIBD INTERMED)
Alyssa Nader
Dutch IM-SA Corine Latour
Annette Boenink
English IM-SA
English IM-SA for the elderly
Corine Latour
Annette Boenink
French version Fredrich Stiefel
German IM-SA Beate Wild
Wolfgang Söllner
Italian IM-SA Silvia Ferrari
Japanese version Yasuhiro Kishi
Norwegian version Aasta Heldal
Polish IM-SA Joanna Rymazewska
Spanish IM-SA Elena Lobo
US Casemanagement version Roger Kathol